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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer French lessons online?

Yes! We do offer French lessons online with a private teacher. You can have your French lessons from your home or your office. You will learn French on Zoom software, an equivalent to skype. You are able to connect to your classroom with 1 click from the Classic French website. A tablet is the minimum requirement, but for your comfort a desktop computer is the best.

Do you offer French lessons face to face in Brussels ?

Yes, we do offer French lessons face to face in Brussels. We are situated in the city center of Brussels, one street away from Grand Place.

Can I take my French lessons both online and face to face ?

Yes. If you leave in Brussels and you want to alternate between face to face and online learning because you might be away from the city, this is possible. Simply discuss about it with us and we will find the solution that suits your needs the best.

Do you offer French lessons all along the year?

Yes. We do offer French lessons all along the year.

When can I take French lessons during the day ?

We offer French lessons from 8am to 10pm (Brussels time-zone), from Monday to Saturday included, both online (worldwide) and face to face (in Brussels). You can take morning, afternoon and evening French lessons. Schedules are always discussed in advanced with your teacher.

What about the schedule? Is it flexible ?

Yes, the schedule is flexible. We do our best to adapt to your professional and personal life. Your schedule is always discussed in advance with your French teacher to best suit your availabilities. We only ask that, if you need to reschedule a lesson, it be done at least 24h in advance.

Do I need to have studied French before learning French with you ?

You don’t need to have studied French to follow our courses. You can be a Complete Beginner. We offer French lessons for all levels and all ages. The content of your French lessons will be tailored to your personal needs by your French teacher.

Do I need to buy any materials to learn French?

You don’t need to buy materials to learn French with us. We provide the materials for your learning of French language. However, we also encourage our students to search for content in French that appeals to their personal taste and expose themselves to it in their daily life. This can be music in French, movies, documentaries, etc. Being proactive is key when learning a language.


Do you offer discounts?

We offer different packages of French lessons ranging from 5 to 40 hours or up. With each package of French lessons come hours offered because we know that you like it. For more info on the prices visit our courses’ pages where you will find all the necessary information or simply contact us.

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We are situated one street away from Grand Place

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