French Language School Online

French Language School Online

The Classic French Academy is an online school that has been opened to help people to learn French online in One-on-One lessons with Gil, your dedicated Private French Teacher. Students receive a full support from their teacher all along their apprenticeship of French language online, from Complete Beginner to Mastery level.

Gil offers, all along the year, French Courses for Adults, Teenagers, Businesses and he prepares his students for official examinations and certifications.

Gil would like you to feel welcome to your Academy for French Language Online, The Classic French Academy.

French Courses Online with Gil

Discovery and High beginners

The Discovery and High beginners' levels are certainly the most important levels in the process of learning french. They are the grounding bases upon which students will build the entire architecture of their French for the rest of their life.

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the content and objectives of the A1 and A2 levels

Threshold and High Intermediates

Students now feel confortable with their basics. It's time to consolidate the prior knowledge and build extensive vocabulary around all the tenses of the indicative mode. Students are on the threshold to conquer autonomy.

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the content and objectives of the B1 and B2 levels

Advanced and Mastery

Autonomy has been conquered. Students start to be able to think and even dream in French. They will soon speak fluently, read almost any kind of text, write with ease, and understand people without much effort. It's time for students to perfect their French and master the beauty of it.

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the content and objectives of the C1 and C2 levels

Teenagers Learn French

Today's teenagers are born in the digital world. Digital communication and learning online are nothing artificial to them. The digital world can even be the place where their attention is stimulated the most. Parents who would like to improve the results of their children in French expression or Literature are welcome to meet Gil.

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the Teenagers Learn French classes by requesting a meeting with Gil

Conversation Classes

Conversation classes are an excellent way you to keep your French in shape, enrich your vocabulary and gain confidence expressing yourself. A relaxed and fun atmosphere will allow you to speak about the themes of your choice in one-on-one or group sessions with Gil.

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the conversation classes with Gil

French For Businesses

Businesswomen and businessmen, as well as international civil servants can only be right by learning French to boost their career. With several years experience in teaching french to institution workers in Brussels, Gil supports adults in learning French for career purpose.

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how the language of Diplomacy can

Prepare for Diplomas

Students now feel ready to validate their proficiencies by passing one of the internationally recognized diplomas proposed worldwide by The French Ministry of National Education. Gil can help to prepare and support candidates for the TCF, the DELF and the DALF.

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how Gil can help to prepare for exams

French Teacher & School Founder


Gil started to teach French as a Foreign Language privately in 2012 in Brussels. He is the Founder of The Classic French Academy and has opened his school to help people to learn French online in One-on-One lessons. A young French writer himself, he is passionate by French Language and self-expression. Gil will be your dedicated Private French Teacher online at The Classic French Academy. He wishes you to be welcome in his school for French language.

Two methods in one to learn and teach French

Method n°1

The communicative and action oriented approach

The Communicative and Action Oriented Approach is clearly defined by the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages. It sets, for each level from A1 to C2, groups of competencies the learner should target and conquer in order to become a user of the language. For example, the A1.1 complete beginner level states that students should be able to :

  • Introduce themselves, spell their name, tell their nationality, tell which language they speak
  • Ask people to introduce themselves
  • Count
  • Communicate in the context of the class
  • Greet someone
  • Ask and give someone some personal information
  • Talk about their hobbies and their dreams

Therefore, to become a user of the language means that, in real-life situations, being able to effectuate predefined language actions and being understood by interlocutors are the best proof-test for students to check if they are progressing in their learning. Street life is the proof-test and students should be encouraged to test their competencies in real-life situations like in shops, office environment and friend circles outside of the class. Inversely, classes should reproduce street-life-like situations, with role-plays like phone conversations, office meetings, friends at the cafe, etc., in order to prepare students for these situations.

Method n° 2

The subordination of teaching to learning

How to make learners of French think the language?

The second method combined with the Communicative and Action Oriented Method is a Problem-Solving approach that considers language as a set of problems students have to meet, solve and conquer. The subordination of teaching to learning method is a method that states that the learning process should have the primacy over the teaching process. Teachers do not teach, they let learners learn from problems they meet. Teachers do not tell, they present inductive materials from which students start to deduce and find the answers.

This pro-active method has been invented by the great educationalist Caleb Gattegno, who created the Silent Way Method to teach languages. This method emphasizes on the inductive-deductive processes of learning proper to human beings and on the continuous feedback given by teachers to students to guide them through their learning processes. Teachers provide inductive materials while students spend energy meeting, thinking, understanding and mastering these new language materials.

This method is aimed at producing not only users of the language, but also thinkers of the language. Pro-active problem-solutionners. It is aimed at producing learners of French who methodically construct, think, conquer and finally see cognitively the entire architecture of the language. “Oh! Now I understand!”, comes repeatedly all along the learning process.

In our classes, the progressive construction of the entire architecture of French language, from complete beginners to mastery levels, is taught thanks to this inductive-deductive method that make students think while discovering.

And as a good example has more value than a long speech, can you guess what the following document is made for? Please, come for a Two Hour Trial Class to give to Gil your answer and work on it with him.

Observe and guess what this document is for. Click to enlarge.

Your classroom at Classic French

Zoom on your classroom

Classes are taught online with Zoom, the best software for online teaching.
Screen sharing, collaborative whiteboard, video and audio conferencing are only some of the best features you will use in your classroom. The One-Click-To-Install software will allow you to learn French from your office, your home, a café or wherever in the world you want to be learning. Classes' videos can be recorded and sent to you after the class. Your written lessons taught on the whiteboard will be stored in your student area, accessible to you 24/7.

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