Article 1 | Compliance to the present general services conditions

The present general conditions define and regulate the relations between The Classic French Academy ASBL and its clients-students. Because of the ordering of a French Class, and from the moment of the ordering, clients and/or students de facto comply with the present general conditions of services. These conditions apply exclusively from the moment clients or students order their trial class or their first regular class, or their first conversation class.

Article 2 | Age limit

Students must have 18 years old minimum to receive any of the classes proposed by The Classic French Academy ASBL. Students from 12 to 17 years old must be accompagnied by a parent or a tutor during the first meeting of the trial class. Both parents (or tutor) and teenagers will sign an official discharge before the beginning of the classes. Both parents and teenager will de facto accept the present general conditions.

Article 3 | Services paid per Hour

French Lessons have a price per hour. The Client-Student can buy and book his French lessons from The Classic French Academy’s website. He can buy, book and pay one lesson at a time. Or he can buy, book and pay several lessons at a time.

  • French lessons for Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Business and Teenagers :
    • 1 hour = 40 euros, all taxes included payable in advance.
  • The Trial French lesson :
    • 1 hour Trial class = 20 euros.
  • Packages :
    • The packages of French lessons The Classic French Academy offers may vary during the year. Discounts may apply and may vary also. Please refer to the pricing page to have more information about our pricings.

Article 4 | Selling procedure and formalities

a°/ Trial first : Before buying hours of classes, clients-students are invited to first meet their teacher for a two hour trial class. The Classic French Academy ASBL reserves itself the right to refuse to sell hours of classes to clients-students before, during or after the trial class. Clients-students are as well free not to buy classes before, during or after the trial class. The trial class is proposed to the clients-students without obligation to buy classes after. The trial class is here to bring all parties in contact. This way they can take time to agree about learning process (scheduling possibilities, levels adaptation, orientation of French learning toward clients interests, etc.) and start a first lesson.

b°/Decision to buy, contract, invoice : During or after the trial class, students decide to follow or not the classes offered by The Classic French Academy ASBL. When they choose to buy hours of classes under the form of a Pace Package of hours, students send a written request by email with their details and buy their lessons thanks to the booking forms on the Classic French Academy’s website. They will receive an invoice emitted by the school.

Article 5 | Withdrawal period, class cancellation and reimbursment conditions

a°/ 14 days to withdraw : The client-student has 14 days to withdraw from and cancel his purchase. He will write and address his withdrawal and cancellation request to the school at The school will proceed to the reimbursement immediately.

Classes can start before the 14 days-withdrawal period.

In case the client-student asked to start the classes before the expiration of his right to withdraw, the hours already taught will be due and deduced from the total amount to reimburse in case of withdrawal.

b°/ After the 14 days withdrawal period no request for reimbursement will be accepted.

c°/ 24h to cancel a class : In case a class that had been scheduled by the student-client needs to be cancelled for any reason by the client-student, the latter must let know his teacher 24h in advance otherwise the number of hours reserved will be due, deduced from the client-student account and lost.

d°/ Rescheduling :  For each package that the client-student buys, 3 lessons maximum can be rescheduled, 24h in advance minimum. Everytime a client-student buys a new package, the number of lessons that can be rescheduled is reset to zero. The client-student has the right to reschedule his/her trial lesson only once.

Article 6 | The Classic French Academy ASBL's obligations

a°/ quality engagement : our teacher engage himself to give all care and all diligence necessary to the delivery of a service of quality in accordance with the usages of the teaching profession and the state of the art. If our teacher gives himself the task to bring students to the next levels, they can only respond for an obligation of means.

b°/ delivery of the classes : Our teacher engage himself to deliver every hour of class the client-student has ordered. He engage himself to attend all the classes scheduled with the clients-students. In case he cannot attend the class, he will notify the client-student at least 24h in advance. If he cannot give the notification 24h in advance the class will be offered to the client to compensate the late notification. The class will then be rescheduled according to client-student’s will.

Article 7 | Attendance certificate

The Classic French Academy ASBL delivers to clients-students, on demand, certificates of attendance. These certificates can only be delivered after the integral payment of the due amounts.The attestation will take into account the date and length of each class the client-student attended. The certificate will not be delivered later than 6 months after the last class attended.

Article 8 | Applicable legislation and competent court

The present general conditions are submitted to the belgian legislation. In case of litigation the Belgian juridictions in french language will be competent.

Article 9 | Prices and means of payment

The costs of the classes are the object of a price grid exposed on the website. These costs are all taxes included.

The due total amount for the classes must be transfered on the bank account of the school or the Paypal account of the school before the beginning of the first class (see Article 3).

Article 10 | Personal data and privacy policies

The client is informed that The Classic French Academy only collects personal data clients have given voluntarily. These information are collected for the normal functioning of the commercial relation with the school. The data collection is submitted to the Belgian law on life’s privacy of the 8th of december 1992, modified by the law of the 11th of december 1998, modified by the European GDPR law no 2016/679 of the 14 avril 2016. These informations are collected to serve the relation with the client and to take care of the fulfillment of the legal obligations of all parties.

The school engages itself not to communicate the personal data of the clients to any third party, except to the Belgian autorities if the latters ask the data to be transmitted to them under judicial order.

Clients have the right to have access to their data and a right to modify or completely suppress them. They can exercise this right from their client-student area in the My Profile tab > Profile, at the bottom of the page.

The school reserves itself the right to verify the authenticity of the information given by the client in order for its activities to function and to comply with Belgian laws’ requirements.

If the informations of the client came to change in the course of the relation, the client must notify the school of these changes in order for the contractual relation to be continued normally.

Article 11 | Modification

The general services conditions can be modified anytime. The parties agree that the school has the right to modify its services and prices without any other formalities but to write a notification to the client. The school will take care that its clients have well understood the modifications. Any modification and new services’ options will be the object of an announcement both on the website and through an email letter sent to the clients. In case the clients disagree with the modifications, they will have 30 days to cancel their contract with the school from the day the modifications are effective, this without any additional costs deduced from the reimbursment for administrative or transaction costs. The classes already taught will be due and deduced.