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Conversation in French online with Gil

Having Conversations in French is an excellent ways to keep your French in shape. During your conversations in French with Gil, special emphasis will be put on the expression of yourself, the correction of your pronunciation, your self-confidence and  grammar explanations on demand. You are welcome no matter your level. The Conversations in French will be adapted to the speed you speak with, your level, your age and they will be directed toward your favorite topics. You are welcome for a two hour trial conversation with Gil online.


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Improve your French with Gil

Meet with Gil and get to know each other - 2 hour trial conversation - Offered with your following conversation

  • Meet Gil on Zoom application.
  • Speak about your personal motivations to speak French.
  • Talk about your past experiences with French.
  • Have your first conversation in French.
  • Eventually agree on a conversation and topic plan.
  • Have a tour of your classroom and its features (collaborative whiteboard, screen sharing, etc)
  • Agree on payment logistics.
  • Schedule your next Conversations in French.
  • Get a coupon to have your Trial Conversation offered with your following conversation

Let's talk about you

  • Talk about who you are, what you like and what you.
  • Speak about your personal history
  • Talk about your projects, your daily life, your friends and your family
  • Teach Gil your passions and speak about them in depth with him.
  • If you want to know more about Gil, ask him about his life. He will be happy to share it with you.

Subjects of your choice

Choose your favorite topics to talk about :

  • Use the internet to illustrate and support your conversation with the screen sharing feature of your classroom.
  • Talk about music and listen to music with Gil.
  • Discuss philosophies, ways to perceive the world.
  • Use Google view and speak about your past or future travel, the countries you’ve lived in.
  • Speak about your passions and share them to Gil,
  • Talk about your business and how you succeed.
  • Etc.

Improve your pronunciation of French

  • Get pronunciation advices from Gil during your conversations and improve it.
  • If necessary, you can completely revise your pronunciation of French and understand and master in depth the complete French Sound system.

Quick Grammar explanation on demand

  • Get quick grammar explanation from Gil when you make structure mistakes
  • Correct your structure mistakes with exercices.
  • Get back to the flow of the conversation.

Enrich your vocabulary

  • Enrich your vocabulary with the conversations with Gil.
  • Read, watch or listen to documents from the internet to support the conversation and bring new words and expressions to the conversation.

Conversations to be continued...

  • Have conversations lasting several sessions and even weeks
  • Slide from one subject to another endlessly or stick to one subject during weeks
  • Search new documents between two sessions to bring them to the conversation next time.
  • Resume the conversation where it has been left the past session.

First Conversation in French with Gil

Offered with your following conversation

Gil Filiot - French teacher & School Founder of The Classic French Academy

Open to everyone no matter your level, the trial conversation in French will allow you to meet Gil online during two hours. You will be able to discuss with him your needs and goals with French, have a first conversation in French and choose the topics you want to talk about during your next conversations with Gil. Be simply welcome.

2 Hour Trial

2 hour conversation with Gil


  • Meet with Gil online on Zoom

  • Get to know each other

  • Have a First conversation in French

  • Discuss your needs & goals with French

  • Plan your long term Conversations

  • Schedule your next Conversations

  • Get a coupon - Your Trial offered

Schedule your First Conversation in French with Gil


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